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In February of 2015 Second Decimal joined Ryan. Ryan is an award-winning global tax services firm, with the largest indirect and property tax practices in North America and the seventh largest corporate tax practice in the United States. With global headquarters in Dallas, Texas, the Firm provides a comprehensive range of state, local, federal, and international tax advisory and consulting services on a multi-jurisdictional basis, including audit defense, tax recovery, credits and incentives, tax process improvement and automation, tax appeals, tax compliance, and strategic planning.

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ControlPoint™ provides complete control over your exemption certificates to improve tax compliance and reduce audit exposure ControlPoint™ is a robust central repository for managing and sharing purchase and/or sales exemption certificates, substantially mitigating audit exposure for missing or incomplete documentation while dramatically improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the tax department.

ControlPoint™ can be hosted by Second Decimal or deployed locally, and is ideal for firms of any size that have a need for exemption certificate management in a secure, flexible, easy-to-use software application. The system provides many ways to send and receive certificates, ensuring that your records are complete, and substantial savings from the elimination of unnecessary penalties and interest due to missing certificates are realized.

The benefits and key features of ControlPoint™ include:

Centralized access to your critical information:

A centralized repository for all of your certificate documentation accessible through your web browser, with summary data concerning the overall health of users’ exemption certificate compliance viewed from a central dashboard.

Control over your certificate data:

The ability to track all relevant information about users' exemption certificates, including expiration dates, blanket vs. one-time use, and more.

Validation of your customer certificates:

A robust set of validation tools for reviewing certificates and validating them against checklists, as well as the format of the certificate numbers on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis.

Unparalleled communication capabilities:

A powerful, customizable correspondence engine that can send off batch emails or physical letters to your customers and vendors to proactively manage your exemption certificates, automatically sending out requests for certificates that are deficient, expired, or near expiration.

Integrations to other systems:

Web services support that facilitates communication with integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and/or third-party tax engines, automatically eliminating double-key entries and ensuring system synchronization.

Reporting to assist you with your analysis and compliance activities:

Robust reporting that summarizes all expired and/or faulty certificates, tracks collaboration and project workflow, and provides tax ID format validation and ID number validation links.

Vendor side functionality:

Vendor/purchase certificate generation and management utilizing a vast library of state tax certificates.

Easy access to critical information:

Quick and easy links to customer or sales certificates, with the ability to request and receive certificates from customers, including the ability to have customers sign certificates online and submit them back in real time.